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Christina’s intro

September 3, 2009

Hi guys! I’m a senior majoring in Comparative Literature, and I’ve been making music for almost all of my life. According to my parents, I started singing as soon as I learned how to talk, and when I was five, I started taking piano lessons and composing music on the piano. I started singing and playing for audiences when I was nine, and during my junior year of high school, released my first album. When I got to Stanford, I joined Talisman, which I directed my sophomore year, and also started leading worship for my Christian fellowship (Chi Alpha). Sometimes, I host impromptu worship nights in my room with my lovely 88-key, weighted, wonderful Yamaha P120 keyboard :]

I’m currently working (very very slowly) on two albums–one about my grandmother’s life, and one worship(ish) album. It’s hard for me to find the opportunity to record, though,  and I’d really love to learn how to set up studio sessions and work ProTools!

I took a class last Winter called the Anthropology of Sound (with lecturer Keila Diehl, from the Anthro department). We read a lot of Schafer, and had a lot of guest lectures from ethnomusicologist Steve Feld, who’s done a lot of amazing research on various soundscapes around the world, and how they affect different cultures. I’m excited to be studying  soundscapes again, and I’m looking forward working with all of you creative geniuses!

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