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concert on the 11th

September 4, 2009

As we talked about today we will “compose” a soundscape to be performed at the faculty night of next Friday, Sept 11th. The idea is to recreate the Stanford soundscape of one day using sounds from Freesound, time-compressed into less than 10 minutes. It will be performed in a laptop orchestra situation, where each of you will play sounds from a particular category from the Freesound website on your laptop and the audio output of your laptop will go through your own SLORK speaker. I will be playing the “keynote” sounds from my laptop, going through the speakers of the stage, and I will display in the big screen, using Sonic Visualizer, a “sound score” to be followed by all of you.

Here are the types of sounds we talked about to include in the piece and the person(s) responsible for them:

  • ambient/nature: fountains, sprinklers; lake lag natural sounds; wind; planes. [Cristina]
  • birds, insects [Atha, Anastasia]
  • mammals: squirrels, raccoons [Razz]
  • transportation: bikes, cars, landscaping, Marguerite (door), Golf-carts [Tyler, Luck]
  • people: time of day specific; bookstore; dining; walking, talking (dorms, parties) [Lucy, Ben Zhen]
  • landmarks, buildings: corridors (of quad); quad; clock-tower; hoover tower (elevator, shpeel); tour guides; libraries; classes [Nathan]
  • construction: landscaping (lawn mowing, clipping); jackhammer; generally annoying noises. [Jessy]
  • sports, recreation: band; football; volleyball. [Peter]

Each of the responsible persons should search for appropriate sounds in Freesound and come on Monday to the rehearsal, at 7pm, ready to start preparing the soundscape.

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  1. September 8, 2009 7:13 am

    After the rehearsal yesterday, we decided to change a few things. First a provisional title for the piece is: “A Day in the Sounds of Stanford”

    Then we will structure the piece in 9 sections, and there will be someone responsible to decide what sounds go in there and who should play them. So the current plan is:

    1. Dawn (20 s) [Anasthesia, Atha]
    Keynote of dawn ambiance with crickets; Birds

    2. Wakeup (60 s) [Razz, Ben Zhen]
    Clock, alarm clock; Jackhammer; Keynote of cafeteria ambiance; People (breakfast,..); conversations

    3. To Class (30 s) [Jesse, Luck]
    Keynote of street ambiance, with cars, planes, …; Birds; Garbage truck; bicycles; People; Machines; Landmarks; Transportation

    4. Classroom (30 s) [Nathan]
    No Keynote; Bumble bee; Chalk; Zippers; Teacher talking; Computer sound; Conversation; Cell-phone

    5. Noon (5 s)
    Keynote with cars, planes; Bell-tower

    6. Sports (60 s) [Peter]
    Crowd (keynote); Conversation between people in stands; hits on the balls; wistle sounds; floor squeaks; Buzzer sounds; Cheers comes in; Band plays

    7. Library (60 s) [Cristina]
    No Keynote; Whispers; Copier machine; Entrance sound; books

    8. Party (30 s) [Lucy]
    Keynote with bar sounds; People; Machines

    9. Night (20 s) [Anasthesia, Atha]
    Keynote with crickets; Birds (owl)

    I created a Google doc with this information and invited you all to be able to edit this document. We will be using that as a way to define the piece. The coordinator(s) of each section should elaborate the content, adding the sounds to use and who should play each of them.

    Next rehearsal will be Wednesday 8th, from 12 to 2.

  2. September 9, 2009 4:23 pm

    After the rehearsal today we have clearer what we will do, but we are still far from having all the piece together. So on Friday we will rehearse both in the morning and afternoon. By Friday every coordinator should have defined very well the section, specifying the details in the Google doc, and everyone should have a very clear idea of the sounds they will play, when and how they will be playing them.

    The coordinators should make sure that every section is coherent from a sonic point of view, and that it exploits all the dynamic range. We want to have quiet passages to appreciate some of those nice sounds that we have.



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