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Sounds at the CoHo

September 8, 2009

Hi Everyone,

For my first assignment, I decided to record various sounds that you would encounter at the CoHo at Tresidder.  When there’s a rush at the CoHo, all of these sounds seem to layer over each other to create the loud environment.  So, I tried to separate them out, recording the sound of coffee being poured, milk being steamed, etc. including the sound of the overall environment in the cafe.  When we are exposed to all of these sounds at the same time, they create the atmosphere which is unique to the CoHo.  After recording the background noises, I tried to capture the sound of various objects you might find on a visit there.  This is the link to my sound pack on freesound:


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  1. September 8, 2009 7:53 pm

    Despite the difficulty of the noisy environment you succeed in recording very well the sounds, only one clips. The descriptions are OK. Remember to geotag the sounds.


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