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Assignment 4

September 9, 2009



The gong sound was a very simple sound to analyze since it is so simple in itself. The first analysis is of loudness. Obviously, it starts high and gradually diminuendos as time progresses, but more interestingly, it also preserved very well the small rises and falls in volume that occur rhythmically throughout the sound. This is shown by the sine-wave-like quality it has. The frequency analysis was near perfect (a testament to how well recorded this sound was). If you notice the scale, I zoomed in so the increments were only 4 Hz, yet still it doesn’t come close to wandering from one interval to another until the sound gets too soft to analyze well. The final pane shows brightness, which I found surprising. I expected the low frequencies to resonate longer making the sound less bright as it progressed but it showed the opposite trend.



The speech sound was more complicated. The loudness seems all over the place but really corresponds nicely to each word spoken. The pitch again, turned out really well for this sound. During the silence between phrases, again, the pitch is erratic, but while she is talking, steady, smooth curves are seen. This provides information about the tone and inflection in the voice and could certainly be used for research purposes into how we speak. The brightness I found relatively uninteresting since the change in brightness doesn’t really seem to correspond to any perceptual phenomenon. If you could average the brightness over all the places the speaker is speaking though, you could compare these on a speaker-to-speaker basis.



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  1. September 13, 2009 6:15 pm

    Where are the pictures??


  2. peterlivesey permalink
    September 14, 2009 12:01 am

    Sorry…I tried to post this comment before…but clearly it didn’t work.
    Anyway, here’s the link

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