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Analyzing ocarina and speech sounds

September 11, 2009

My first sound was an ocarina playing one sustained note.  You can listen to the clip on by clicking here.

This linear spectrogram shows that there is a distinct fundamental frequency, which is the note that the ocarina is playing.

In this loudness analysis, we can see that the note is also held at the same loudness level throughout.

The pitch detector analysis shows that the ocarina is playing the same pitch throughout.  The frequency varies very little.

The spectrum centroid analysis shows that the frequency basically stays the same throughout the sound clip.

My second sound was someone saying “all right.”  You can listen to the clip on by clicking here.

This linear spectrogram shows that there are a variety of frequencies in this speech clip.  This is expected because speech doesn’t have one single pitch.

all right spectrogram

With the spectral centroid plugin, we see that at first, the speech starts off at a higher frequency, then in the middle, it stays at a lower frequency, then at the end it goes up again.
all right spectralcentroid

This is the pitch detector, which indicates that the speaker hits a variety of pitches during this sound clip.

all right pitch detector

Finally, in the loudness analysis, we see that the loudness starts off very low and then peaks up at the middle of the sound clip.

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  1. September 13, 2009 6:40 pm

    The Ocarina is good.

    There is no loudness plot for the speech. Also the pitch curve is wrong, the analysis has not been performed well. You should make sure to narrow the frequency range that the algorithm searches through to meaningful values.


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