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Assignment 1: Pool

September 11, 2009

For this first assignment, I was able to spend time recording a game of pool with the Zoom H2 recorder at my house on campus. I was able to get several good clips of setting up the game, preparing for the first shot and then multiple sounds of the balls rolling around and colliding. The table is a great, old one that has a long, loud track that rolls the balls back to a collecting tray that made wonderful different sounds from the different pockets. It luckily was a quiet time of night when I recorded, but there still are people having conversation in the background that you might hear. I think I will go back and add some more sounds that do not occur naturally during the course of a pool game while using the same objects, perhaps bringing a nice contrast between the two to light. Here’s the link for the sample pack:

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  1. September 12, 2009 1:20 pm

    Very nice recording. You should add the aip09 tag in all the samples.

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