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Assignment 4

September 11, 2009

Speech: “Inspiration. Creativity!”



Cho_speech spectrogram



This image shows that the loudness of the speech fluctuates, starting softer, increasing in volume exponentially to peak in the middle of the word, and falling off suddenly into silence as the word ends.



The speaker’s voice also fluctuates in brightness, but doesn’t seem to have a set pattern. But this mainly shows that the person’s voice has a less stable timbre than a guitar note.


Cho_speech 1

The speaker’s voice is highest-pitched at the beginning of his speech (he is saying “INspiration. CreaTIvity”), and never even comes close to repeating that pitch. For the most part, it stays in the lower pitches.

Instrument: Guitar



CHo_guitar spectrogram


Cho_guitar loudness

The guitar has much more stable graphics than the speech does. Here, we see that the the loudness fluctuates just once, when the string is plucked, and as the note resounds and decays, the loudness decreases exponentially.



This is the graphic I found most interesting–the guitar actually increases in brightness as it trails off. After seeing this in Sonic Visualizer, I began hearing it. I didn’t really pay attention to that before, though.


CHo_guitar pitch

This graphic shows that the pitch remains relatively stable throughout, with a slight increase toward the beginning and an interesting fluctuation at the end.


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  1. September 13, 2009 6:44 pm

    The speech link is wrong.

    The plots and descriptions are good, and clear. Maybe the pitch curve of the speech should be better zoomed.


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