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A Day in the Sounds of Stanford

September 14, 2009

On Sept. Friday 11  2009 at 7pm on the CCRMA stage, and as part of the Sounds of Stanford course, we performed a soundscape piece that we collectively composed and that we named “A Day in the Sounds of Stanford”. A recording of the performance  is in here.

Everyone in the class was involved in the composition and in the performance, thus: Lucy Bailey, Jesse Engreitz, Atha Fong, Christina Ho, Peter Livesey, Nathan Lomeli, Lauren Palumbi, Ben-Zhen Sung, Luke Wigren, Tyler Maue, and Anastasia Yee, under the coordination of Xavier Serra. We also had the help of Jakes Bejoy and of Jay Kadis.

Here is a picture of the rehearsal taken by Jakes:


The idea of the piece was to recreate the Stanford soundscape of one day using sounds from Freesound, time-compressed into 6 minutes. It was performed with a laptop orchestra setup, where performers triggered sounds with their laptops and the audio output of each laptop was going through a SLORK (Stanford Laptop Orquestra) speaker. One of the laptops was triggering the “keynote” sounds and its audio output was going through the surround speakers of the hall.

After some discussion and two rehearsals (reflected in this post) we selected the sounds from Freesound and decided on the piece structure.  Here is the structure of the piece and the list all the sounds used, giving the sound number in Freesound and the owner’s name.

1. Dawn [:00]
Keynote: dawn ambiance with crickets [78459 by xserra]
owls [64544 and 72060 by Benboncan]; wren  [76337 by Paul McNelis]; thrush [68156  by Benboncan]; songbird [9328 by tigersound]; woodpecker [66955 by Benboncan]; heron [65264 by dobroide]
2. Waking up [:20]
Keynotes: street ambiance [78458 by xserra] hall ambiance [79012 by bsung88]
alarm clock [78948 by bsung88]; Jackhammer [14772 by ignotus]; shower curtain [998 by RHumphries]; shower [31381 by FreqMan]; eating sounds [19951 by FreqMan; 31018 by borah111; pack 5161 by RoofDog]
3. Going to class [1:00]
Keynote: Outside ambience [75889 by Noise Collector] with airplane [36929 by UncleSigmund]
bicycle bell [78957 by plivesey]; garbage truck in background [32653 by UncleSigmund]; blackbird [72947 by Benboncan]; songbird [9328 by tigersound]; Fountain [78406 by xserra]; Tour Guide [38839 by digifishmusic]; walking on gravel [15562 by tigersound]; lawn mower [55226 by sanus_excipio]; cars [77016 by Olby]; bus [3137 by RZ-1]; kids going to school [35238 by cajo]; bike crash [78483 by 1sticky8]
4. Classroom [1:30]
Keynote: soft outside ambiance [77656 by LG]
footsteps [78991 by Razzvio,  50724 by rutgermuller]; trashcan [79201 by Razzvio]; door opening [79178 by Nathan_Lomeli]; window opening [79203 by Nathan_Lomeli]; chair moving [35033 by sagetyrtle]; chair squeak [35801 by offthesky]; chair sitting [25930 by FreqMan]; students [35039 by dobroide]; teacher talking [79566 by Razzvio]; zippers [79176  by Nathan_Lomeli, 79148 by Razzvio, 79204 by labailey]; bumble bee [21681 by eartrumpet]; chalk [64593 by Robinhod76]; computer booting [79008 by bsung88]; keyboard/typing [137  by Anton, 78952 by bsung88], gchat [79010 by bsung88]; texting [79147 by Razzvio] cell-phone ringing [live sound]; iPhone buzzing on silent [77392 by Splash.Yang]; drawing [79141 by Razzvio]
5. Noon [2:30]
Landmark sound: Clock tower [78405 by xserra]
birds [72947 by Benboncan, 9328 by tigersound]
6. Sports event [2:40]
Keynote: sports crowd [62081 by daveincamas]
door opens [15419 by pagancow]; buzzwer [54047 by guitarguy1985]; floor squick [42204 by martian]; Stanford’s marching band [recording by Razz]; ball kicking [37157 by volivieri]; door shutting [79184 by Nathan_Lomeli]
7. At Meyer Library [3:35]
Keynote: soft outside ambiance [77656 by LG]
bird [18765 by reinsamba];  sliding ID card [79024 by engreitz]; typing [79045 by yippechristina]; zipper [79051 by yippechristina]; squeaky chair [79050 by yippechristina]; drinking fountain [79043 by yippechristina]; pencil on metal [79048  by yippechristina]; pencil on paper [51204 by fastson];  plugging in laptop [79049 by yippechristina]; paper cutter [79047 by yippechristina]; men’s bathroom [79046 by yippechristina]
8. Party at COHO [4:35]
Keynote: bar crowd [21184 by cognito perceptu]
opening can [68670 ; “It’s Party Time!” [31710 by FreqMan]; Just Dance, Lady Gaga [illegal sound!]; party [23153 FreqMan]; bar sounds [21184 by cognito perceptu];  laughing [15294 by Hell’s Sound Guy]; glass shatter [41348 by datasoundsample]
9. Night [5:30]
Keynote: night ambiance [78458 by xserra]
owl [64544 by Benboncan]; barking dog [35629 by Charel Styze]

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