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Assignment 5

September 14, 2009

For this assignment, I chose to transform a sonar ping that was uploaded by LG. I chose this because I used sonar pings in my sonic composition and did a few of these transformations.

The original sound:

Sped up: This effect lowered the sound an octave and made the length twice as short. Sort of an interesting effect on the sound though quite basic. I thought interesting enough to upload though:

Reverse: This effect was the most interesting of the ones I applied. The sonar sound has a great decay which after the reverse was turned into a crescendo. It has a very unnatural build to it due to it since it starts so slow to a very quick crescendo at the end. This one I also uploaded:

Filters: I did a low, high and band filter on the sound and really, they just acted as you would expect. The high band sort of imitated the original but at a much higher frequencies. The mid band was very close to the original sound, but with a slightly muddier sound. The low filter was pretty unsuccessful since there aren’t many frequencies below the fundamental so it either plays the fundamental or nothing. None of these sounds were very interesting so I chose not to upload any of them.

Time stretch: The time stretch was a fun effect, but it didn’t alter the sound much. It just sped it up (keeping the pitch) and so sounded a little comical (cartoony) in comparison to the original sound. It wasn’t interesting enough to post.


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