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Assignment 5: Cracklebox

September 14, 2009

This is the link to the original sound that I chose on Freesound:

The sound is a cracklebox clicking and then emitting this weird kazoo-like sound at the end.

Here is the soundwave:

Here is the spectrogram:

My favorite sounds were when I slowed down the speed by 70% and when I stretched the time by 70%.  The slowed-down speed made the clicks sound like little burps — it was the same sound, just really slowed down and at a lower pitch.  The time stretch made the sound more echo-ey, with more revertebrations.  The clicks sounded much more digital.  The time stretch altered the sound much more than the slowed-down speed effect.

Here’s the link to the slowed down speed sound on Freesound:

Here’s the link to the time-stretched sound on Freesound:

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