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Humorous Transformations

September 14, 2009

I used this clip of a child laughing as the basis for my transformations:

With this sound, I obtained the most interesting sounds when applying the Change Speed, Reverse and High-Pass Filter transformations.  These sounds can be found in this pack:

The used the Change Speed transformation in Audacity to increase the speed and pitch of the clip by 100%.  Human laughter played back at this speed sounds unnatural because of the pitch and speed, but is still recognizable.  Surprisingly, the reverse transformation yields a sound that is also clearly recognizable as laughter.  Indeed, the reverse sounds eerily similar to the original recording.  If you listen closely, you can tell that the breathing sounds are backwards, because the rise and fall of pitch is a little asymmetric.  Otherwise, it is hard to tell that this is a reverse recording.  Finally, I used a high pass filter which boosted frequencies about 2000 Hz and reduced the levels of frequencies below 2000 Hz.  This effect makes the recording sound like it’s rather old, like it was done with inferior equipment.  The low frequencies are inaudible and the higher frequency background noise is increased.  It still is very recognizable as a human voice, however, despite the fact that most of the fundamental frequencies of the voice lie below 2000 Hz.


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