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Transformations: A Discourse On Puppies in a Box

September 14, 2009

I did transformations on this clip:

It is a cropped version from the recording of our conversation with Lucy Hoskings at the Box Shop on her project, the combustion fueled pipe organ called Satan’s Calliope. I chose this because I found Lucy inspiring as a person and artist and engineer, and plan to focus on processed versions of this clip for my composition. Thanks to Jesse and Christina for capturing that, this is originally from Jesse’s recording. I put three transformations on freesound, found in this sample pack:

The first is a band-pass filter from about 175Hz to 2000Hz. In comparison to low and high pass filters, this version sounded like background noise had been eliminated while the voice also sounded muffled or suppressed. I thought this was an interesting example of a transformation that seemed like not a distortion but a way to making it sound as if the source of the speaker or the recording had changed. The reverse transformation, in contrast, loses the semblance of the human speech but made a very interesting sample with one simple effect, making a completely different idea because the natural sound decaying moves backwards. The last transformation included a combination of both what seemed like complete distortion and zero distortion. The accelerated voice sounds nearly natural from an aesthetic standpoint, only unnaturally fast, while the slowed down beginning of the clip had a surreal quality. I did this through several passes of a time stretch, and thought it was an interesting deconstruction of the full clip.


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