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Assignment 5 – Transformers

September 17, 2009

For the sound transformation assignment, I used the start-up sound from the Ms. Pacman machine in the Musee Mecanique.  Since I used this clip for my final project, I was excited to play around with it and use the various effects in Audacity.

The original sound is here:

This sound pack includes the various transformations that I did with the sound:

First, I changed the speed to twice the regular one, which caused the pitch frequency of the tune to increase.  Then, I reduced the speed to half that of the original, which made the pitch decrease.  Then, I reversed the clip, which gave it a whole new sound.  The first two transformations still resembled the original, even if the frequencies of the notes were slightly different.  Finally, I changed the tempo of the clip so that it was twice as slow, but the original frequencies were retained.

I think that the one where I reversed the clip is the most interesting because it has a different character from the original one where the other ones retain the same sound even if the pitch or tempo fluctuate.  The Reverse transformation sounds as though the game is being rewound through time, and I think it would be even cooler to combine the sound with a reversed clip of the Pacman game turning on.


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