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Final Project: Game Over

September 26, 2009

For my final project, I decided to use a combination of sounds from our field trip to the Box Shop and the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco. All of the sounds used in my composition came from recordings from that day. Because I had sounds of machinery around the workshop, I had the idea to put them together in a way to depict the process of making a Ms. Pacman machine. I decided, however, that with the coin slot sound I had, it was cooler to put that at the beginning to give the effect of the whole piece (including the welding, sawing, and other workshop sounds) being the game rather than leaving a clean division between the mechanical sounds and the Pacman sounds.  This way, the game evolves out of the rhythm of the workshop.

These are links to the sounds I used, which are uploaded onto Freesound:

And this is an image of the score I created in Sonic Visualiser:

Game Over-Lucy


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