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Lectures by Xavier Serra

  1. Soundscapes [slides]
  2. [slides]
  3. Sound analysis and description [slides]
  4. Some historical references [slides]
  5. Sound manipulation [slides]
  6. Sonic composition [slides]

Lectures by Jay Kadis

  1. Physics of sound, electricity and magnetism [notes]
  2. Microphones [notes]


  1. Stanford’s soundscape [assignment, results]
  2. Studio recording [assignment, results]
  3. Spectral analysis [assignment, results]
  4. Description of sounds [assignment, results]
  5. “A Day in the Sounds of Stanford” [initial ideas, results]
  6. Field trip [info]
  7. Sound transformations [assignment, results]
  8. Final project: Sonic composition [explanation, results]

Software/Hardware used

  1. Portable recorders: Sony PCM-D50, Roland R-09HR, Zoom H2
  2. Sound editor: Audacity (+ plugins)
  3. Sound analysis software: Sonic Visualizer (+ plugins)
  4. CCRMA’s recording studio
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