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This is the blog used for the course Sounds of Stanford, part of the Arts Intensive Program of Stanford University, that took place from August 31st to September 16th 2009 at CCRMA/Stanford University.

Teachers: Xavier Serra (xjs at and Jay Kadis (jay at
Teaching Assistant
: Jakes Bejoy (jakesb at

Students: Lucy Bailey, Jesse Engreitz, Atha Fong, Christina Ho, Peter Livesey, Nathan Lomeli, Lauren Palumbi, Ben-Zhen Sung, Luke Wigren, Tyler Maue, Anastasia Yee.

This course explored the potential of recording and transforming the sounds of our Stanford environment for the creation of new cultural and artistic expression forms. It combined the discussion of technical aspects of sound processing with its practical use in cultural and artistic productions in the context of the new social network platforms of the Web 2.0.

It was an intensive course that consisted on 30 hours of lectures and a number of labs and practical sessions. The students carried out a final project that involved the creation of a sonic composition.

For more information on the content and work done during the course check the Materials page. For the main outcomes of the course check the “A Day in the Sounds of Stanford” post and the Final Concert post.